How to apply as a student

By assigning you your own project to work on, Michelin gives you the opportunity to gain rewarding, empowering work experience during your studies. Find a project that matches your aspirations and join a group with an international reach, using our 3-step selection process.

Your 3-step selection process

1. Your online application

Has one of our online internship or co-op program offers caught your attention? Click the Apply now button for the job offer and send in your application through the Internet in 15 minutes.

To apply online, you'll need:

  • your resume
  • your cover letter
  • any other document that might help us get to know you better (a reference letter, a portfolio, etc.)

Once you've sent in your application, you'll receive an email to confirm that we have received it. Your application is reviewed by the recruiter responsible for the position

If none of the online job offers match your profile, send us an unsolicited application and join our talent pool.

We take part in numerous forums and events. Come and meet us there to discuss your plans and submit your application.

2. First interview

If we are interested in your application, you will attend an initial interview with the recruiter for the professional field you chose.

If your application is not selected for the offer in question, we will let you know, and will keep your file in our database. If a suitable internship offer or co-op program comes up in the future, we may contact you again

3. Second interview

At this second interview, you discuss the subject of your internship or co-op program.

You receive the final response to your application within a week of the interview.