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Michelin is committed to diversifying its activities. The company offers a wide range of products, innovative services and more, that enable the company to meet the challenges of more sustainable mobility.

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raw materials

are used in a tire


Michelin Guides

are available in 24 countries



products are sold under the Michelin Lifestyle license

Innovative tires in all categories

From mountain bikers to mine vehicle drivers, from professionals race car drivers to every day drivers, everyone has access to the quality of Michelin tires. Who would have guessed that these tires are so technologically complex? You might be surprised to learn that almost 150 components are used in the manufacture of each tire. The largest one weighs 5 tons, and the fastest one performs in Grand Prix motorcycle racing at 208 MPH!


We help the world to fly
We work closely with aircraft manufacturers and international airlines to help make aircraft lighter and more connected.
We help teams to win
We focus our efforts on improving technology and safety to exceed racing drivers' expectations and lead them to memorable victories.
We help to feed the planet
We innovate to increase farmers' productivity and crop yields while protecting biodiversity and the environment.
We help to build the world
We innovate through amazing projects to build the world of tomorrow.

Our distribution networks

Michelin focuses on 3 key areas:



Mobility experience

Live life to the fullest as you discover new mobility experiences with Michelin by your side.