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Jobs in sales

Responsible for developing and implementing the company's sales policy. The sales force is in the field in direct contact with Michelin customers.

Various jobs form unique paths


Regional Sales Manager

Qi career path

"In this position, the relationship is essential"

I joined Michelin as a store manager in Shanghai. A year and a half later I became category manager for products other than tires (lubricants, brake pads, wipers ...).

Today, after going through purchasing, I returned to the field as Regional Sales Manager.

My mission is organized around three axes:

  • Respect of the quantified objectives in terms of sales
  • Ensure the implementation of the commercial strategy
  • Manage and train a sales team


In this position where the relationship is essential, what constantly stimulates me is to manage several tasks at the same time with different people.

Career path

His path at Michelin

Sector Sales Manager

Responsible for the sale of products within a defined geographic area, as well as the development and execution of commercial plans, objectives and budgets as part of the overall business strategy of the region and the block
Assists sales representatives and key account managers in the management of their relationships and contract negotiations with major customers
Develop business skills within the sector
Responsible for the overall management and motivation of the commercial team of the sector

Key Account Manager

Manages a group of customers to achieve predefined business goals
Promotes and sells the organization's products and services within a specific area (geographic area, range of products or services, list of accounts receivable)

Category Manager

Responsible for defining the sourcing strategy
Provides animation and network coordination around the world

Director of Country Operations

Manages daily marketing and sales operations for a given country to achieve quantitative and qualitative goals

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Career path

Other testimonials


Tire Performance Research Engineer is currently being used worldwide within Michelin.
Jackie , Tire Performance Research Engineer
Jackie Branscomb

I have spent the past six years in the tire performance research and development group specializing first in tire noise and comfort. Over the last year, I have transitioned to focusing on tire handling.  I have been called on as a key expert to help improve tire performance for noise, comfort, and handling for many vehicle manufacturers’ new vehicle development programs. I am currently working on developing new simulation capabilities for the handling performance with the goal of using simulated data to design better tires more quickly and reduce manufacturing costs during development. 

One of my most interesting projects was to design and implement a new tool for analyzing tire tread patterns to reduce the variation in the acoustic content, and it is currently being used worldwide within Michelin.  During the development of this tool, I had the opportunity to analyze historical data, instrument vehicles with microphones to take my own new data, plan tire builds to help validate the simulations, program the prototype tool and design the user interface.  This new tool was used in the development of a new tire line and helped to significantly reduce the acoustic level.   

Jackie Branscomb


Product Design & Industrialization Engineer

I am responsible for launching new tire lines.
Brittany , Product Design & Industrialization Engineer
Brittany Barnes

I work at Michelin as a PDIE (Produce Design & Industrialization Engineer). I am a member of the design team responsible for launching new Michelin tire lines.  I design the internal geometry of the tires and determine the proper specifications the manufacturing plant needs to produce the tires.   

Brittany Barnes


environmental footprint reduction within 15 years

(2020 ambitions)


Distribution Manager

I Manage...
Ryan , Distribution Manager
Ryan Hight

the Supply Chain and Logistics Services team for North America. I am responsible for a team of people who work alongside customers to solve their pain points and implement services to support their business. 

Ryan Hight
Jackie Branscomb


Tire Performance Research Engineer

Brittany Barnes


Product Design & Industrialization Engineer

Ryan Hight


Distribution Manager



Quality manager demand to cash Central Europe

The main jobs in sales

At the headquarter or in the field, Sales require a strong expertise of the company's products and services as well as knowing how to establish contacts. At Michelin, the opportunities for career development in the sales profession are numerous and varied.


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