Applying to Michelin? Check your professional networks

You’ve probably thought long and hard about what you’ll say in your interview at Michelin or how to best prepare your resume. But before you go any further with the recruitment process, have you thought about  your “personal branding?”

Today, our digital personas are almost as important as our real ones. Start thinking of yourself as a brand! First, you’ll need to put together a smashing professional profile on LinkedIn. Get your former coworkers or friends to recommend you and your particular skills.

What to focus on? Recruiters are looking for candidates who are well-rounded. “We want someone with a strong GPA, who is open to new challenges, and has the ability to work in a team.”

Include a professional photo of yourself, and write a statement about why you should get the job. Include your hobbies, interests or any awards you’ve won – whatever makes you unique! Now recruiters will have no choice but to view your profile to learn more about you!