Interview day: how to get prepared?

Once you’ve been called in for an interview at Michelin, you’re half way to getting the job! Now you must figure out the best way to present yourself to recruiters. You’ll need to show off your special skills and any professional experience you have. Use this time to explain what makes you unique and how you plan to use your talents on the job. But that’s not all your recruiter will be looking for during the interview.

During the interviews, we are looking for the personality of the candidates. We also look for people who are open, creative, and know how to take initiative.

Anna Linne, a Michelin recruiter

Questions, a sign of a candidate’s interest

Don’t feel silly about asking questions – in fact, recruiters consider this a positive. “We appreciate questions by candidates during the interviews,” says Linne. “This is a clear sign of a candidate’s real interest.”

These can be questions about the job itself, the company, or how your career can evolve at Michelin. Visit the Michelin Careers website before your interview - your question may be answered there!

Most of all, it’s important to relax! Get a good night’s sleep and leave earlier than necessary so you’re not stressed about being late. This way, you’ll arrive calm and ready to take on the world.