Working in Progress at Michelin

Our progress engineers lead progress initiatives within our organizations at Michelin. They assist our teams by bringing in new processes and organizations to improve our performance and boost our growth. These engineers leverage the competencies of Lean six sigma and industrial engineering to support resolution of operational, tactical, and strategic problems.


Industrial Engineer

My name is Victoria and I began working at Michelin as a PLNA Supply Chain intern in May of 2015.  After an incredible experience learning about the Company and contributing through a meaningful project, I knew this was the place for me. 

I am currently an Area Industrial Engineer for Michelin Retread Technologies, Inc.  Michelin does an exceptional job investing in employees, and the affective commitment is evident throughout the company.  My specific role is exciting because it is the perfect link between engineering and business.  Michelin strongly emphasizes continuously improving the Company, which is imperative in maintaining our status as the premiere mobility brand.  Improvements that I make myself can be brought to life in plants that gives a great sense of fulfillment.  With Michelin Retreading franchises throughout North America, I am fortunate with the ability to travel to many different places I otherwise would have never seen.  In this role, there is a great amount of information to learn and the skills that are taught are applicable in a wide variety of fields.

 As a Bioengineering undergraduate student and an MBA graduate, Michelin offers a variety of jobs that interest me.  The best thing about Michelin is there are no limits in careers, and each person has their own career manager to relay career aspirations to.  Michelin envisions a long-term career with prospective employees.  I am proud to work for such a successful and reputable company which values me as a person and an employee.