Working in research and development at Michelin

At Michelin, 6,600 researchers, developers and industrial engineers work in our 4 research centers and our many test centers to improve our tires' performance. R&D teams address a range of innovation objectives, such as halving braking distances, reducing rolling resistance and noise, improving grip, extending tire lifespan, etc.


Product Development Engineer

I started with Michelin in 2010 right after graduating from college. I was hired in as a pipeline employee, meaning that I didn't start within a defined role, but rather was ready to fill a role when it became available. For a few months, I was given the opportunity to step into one of our manufacturing facilities to learn about tires and our processes.  This prepared me to take my first role as a product design and industrialization engineer in our heavy truck division. In this role, I worked directly with our truck tire factories to ensure that we could industrialize our new products to meet the needs of our customers. I really enjoyed this role because it allowed me to take many different opportunities as they arose- from challenging development projects to interactions with different teams in North America to stretching my interaction with Michelin employees working in other zones.

I've recently changed roles to become a product development engineer. In this position, I will be responsible for developing tires to meet the performance requirements of some of our OE customers for their new vehicles. One of the remarkable things about Michelin is this flexibility to allow change. If you speak to anyone who is a long-time Michelin employee, they tend to echo the same message that Michelin is committed to working toward giving us a fulfilling career instead of just a job. This allows us freedom to grow, travel, and expand our horizons, all while supporting the business needs of the company that stands behind us. Michelin lives true to its core values, and this respect for people is shown through the time and effort dedicated to developing us as individuals.