Working in the supply chain and logistics at Michelin

Our supply chain teams design and implement management processes to supply our customers with the right product at the right place, on the agreed date and in the quantity requested. This entails working in conjunction with all Michelin departments. At the same time, our logistics team members organize the storage and shipping of our raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, nationally and internationally.


Supply Chain Analyst

I began working for Michelin in January 2006. I did my initial training as an Industrial Engineer in Greenville. This was a great experience because it was clear that Michelin's commitment to training and excellence was the way they lived their corporate values. My first assignment there was as an IE in our Fort Wayne plant. Nine months later I became the IE Manager at a time of tremendous growth for the facility. After 3 years I became Project Coordinator and helped to manage not only projects, but also to support the progress of all capital spending in the plant. While in those roles I had the opportunity to travel to Japan, Thailand, Spain, France and Canada. In 2011 I returned to South Carolina in the role of Supply Chain Analyst for two of the 10 production facilities.

There are so many great things to say about working for Michelin - training, opportunity for international travel, support of external initiatives (Big Brothers Big Sisters and volunteering at a partner school for the Challenge Education program), ability to change jobs when there is a fit, etc.
The two things for me that are the best part of working for Michelin are knowing that we all see that "Quality is Safety for the Customer" and that it is a great set of people that you can respect and learn from every day.