Working in information systems at Michelin

Our IS teams develop information systems and powerful collaborative tools that help us, together, to achieve our company objectives. These team members have proven technical, methodological and functional skills, but they also rely on their talents in communicating, listening, negotiating and facilitating to dialog with all of the Michelin Group's departments.


Global Services Manager, Devices, Mobility & Telephony

Since joining Michelin in 2007, I have had an exciting career in which I have grown a lot as an individual and a technology professional.

Having previously worked as a corporate IT consultant, I started my career at Michelin as a web technology expert, and later held roles involving analysis, project management, innovation and corporate communications. Today, I am a Global Services Manager within the IS End User Experience team for Michelin globally. Within this role, I am able to improve the daily life of the majority of our employees around the world and help to advance our company forward.

One of my greatest personal satisfactions in working for Michelin has been the frequency in which I have been able to be involved in areas outside of my direct area of expertise, allowing opportunities to grow knowledge, expand influence and take on challenges far beyond what is within the confines of a job description.

Throughout the time in which I have worked for Michelin, I have learned first hand that the company values are more than just a statement; they're a way of life at work. And that's refreshing.