Working in manufacturing at Michelin

From Michelin's offices to its workshops, our manufacturing teams' role is to provide customers with the products they need. These operators manage the synthetic rubber, compounds, fabrics, metallic products, molds and numerous other articles without which we couldn't manufacture our tires.


Mixing Shop Manager

My name is Brent and I began working for Michelin in May of 2010. After transitioning out of the military and into the company, I have had the privilege to serve in three different manufacturing facilities all within the production management domain. Currently, I am a shop manager in the Ardmore, Oklahoma facility and I am responsible for leading teams to reach strategic objectives through continuous progress, employee development, and providing a shared vision for success that is aligned with all levels of my business to help guarantee quality service to my customers.

Why manufacturing with Michelin? The manufacturing environment appeals to my needs because it is dynamic, fast paced, challenging, and rewarding. Managers in our plants have to be “well-rounded” in our skillsets to help maintain the level of management quality that our employees deserve. Each day, I need to be competent in steering the business priorities for the best operational efficiency which includes a safe working environment, equipment reliability, maintaining a budget, and to remain forward-looking for potential progress areas. Most importantly, I must engage and empower our great work force to take ownership of the business at the appropriate levels by providing them clear communication, development opportunities, and leadership.

Why Michelin? Selecting Michelin was simple for me as I found an organization that was rooted in core values that were aligned with my own personal beliefs. Furthermore, Michelin is committed to the developmental needs of each of its employees. Since joining the company, Michelin has aided me in getting my MBA and has allowed me to participate in Leadership Development Programs like CHALLENGE and LA SESSION. I have had the chance to travel internationally and to help take part in company level initiatives. Michelin makes it clear to me how I can help contribute to growth and Moving Forward Together as a company!