Working in quality at Michelin

At Michelin, we make a point of honor of guaranteeing the quality of our products for our customers. This is why our quality teams oversee the entire manufacturing chain. From the technician to the manager, our team members factor in customer feedback, identify opportunities for improvement and set up control systems at each step of the manufacturing process.


Garant qualité marketing et ventes
product specification reviews or new services
product use files created or updated
sales agency quality diagnoses

My role as sales & marketing quality validator is to ensure consideration of market requirements and the effectiveness of customer communication processes at the design and marketing level for Michelin products and services.

During the 18 years I've been with the group, I've been moving my way up in the fascinating field of quality - a field full of challenges that offers opportunities bothin terms of customer service and corporate progress.

I've held a number of positions both in plants and at the head office, including quality technician and quality system manager. I've also had the opportunity of working in Brazil, Japan and Thailand. These enriching experiences have enabled me to discover other cultures and meet a variety of different people. I've been able to acquire, develop and apply technical and managerial skills that I would never have envisaged at the beginning of my career.

My career path with Michelin :

  • Quality Control Technician
    Assists engineers in carrying out production-related and inspection jobs; assists in monitoring materials quality in processing plants and making the required adjustments; maintains and supports documentation and records.
  • Quality Assurance Manager
    Responsible for the overall quality control aspects of raw materials, in-process and finished products. Sets quality standards and ensure compliance.
  • Marketing and Sales Quality Guarantor
    Guarantees the quality of the Marketing and Sales processes of the entity