Community Involvement

Greg Marshall- New Hire Network leader & Judy Pham- Asian Pacific Network

Why is your Business Resource Group involved in Habitat for Humanity?

GM: With the New Hire Network, we are trying to foster a sense of familiarity among our members. We feel as though nothing helps a bond more than giving back to others in need. Habitat for Humanity provided us with the perfect opportunity. We also knew we were helping someone who really needed it.

JP: We understand the importance of family and having a place to call home to build happy memories.  Getting involved with Habitat for Humanity allows us to consolidate our efforts and contribute towards building a home for a deserving local family.

Why is it important for your Business Resource Group to be involved in the community?

GM: Employees don’t want to just come to work and then go home; they want to find meaning in what they do. It’s important for new employees to feel involved and that they are making a difference. New hires are familiar with Michelin’s commitment to caring for people and we want to fulfill that reputation by offering volunteer opportunities.

JP: It is important to contribute to our communities because we know the lasting, positive impact it will have on  those in need.  As contributors, it also provides us with an opportunity to grow ourselves as individuals and to acquire new skills and knowledge.  

How often do you participate in this kind of event?

JP: Earlier this year we also participated in Hands on Greenville (HOG) Day where we were able to beautify the campus at East North Street Academy for the students and community families so they can “Learn, Play, and Grow.”