Creating a Better Way Forward through Internships and Co-Ops

“Introduction to the Business is a way for Michelin to engage our talented rising senior interns and co-ops and share why we are an employer of choice. This event provides us the opportunity to showcase Michelin and all it has to offer.  My goal is for the students to walk away with the vision of themselves starting and finishing their careers with Michelin.”- Stacy Davis, Campus recruiter


What is the format of the event?

Over the course of two and a half days, our students participate in presentations and activities, in addition to community service and networking with current Michelin employees at different stages of their careers. This event is a way to highlight the many career paths and experience that you as a candidate could have at Michelin.

What is your favorite aspect of this event?             

It gives the students an opportunity to interact with recruiters and executives in an informal environment where they feel more inclined to ask questions and be curious about the company. We also want them to feel included in the company’s core values by participating in the community service project. My favorite memory from this event is when I can see the students realize that Michelin has a plan for their professional life.




Mary-Ann, Supply Chain intern:

My favorite part of this event was getting to learn from the experts. There are so many different areas of the company I was uninformed about going into this event, so it was nice to learn about new departments and career opportunities.


What message do you remember from this event?

One of the things Pete Selleck told us was to always set goals. Moving forward, I am going to work on defining what I want and where I want to be in my career so that I can set attainable goals for myself and be successful in my endeavors.