Michelin releases First Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Report

“Michelin prioritizes diversity and inclusion, enabling us to better serve customers while continuing to compete in an ever-changing global marketplace,” said Scott Clark, chairman and president of Michelin North America. “We understand that when customers trust in our brand, they not only value the excellence of our products and services, but also believe in Michelin’s dedication to our employees and commitment to our communities.”

During a celebratory event at the company’s headquarters, Michelin honored former South Carolina Gov. Dick Riley with the Michelin Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion. Michelin presented the award to Gov. Riley to recognize his extraordinary leadership in promoting equality in the workplace, encouraging inclusive dialogue in our communities and training leaders to manage diverse teams.

“Michelin continues to raise the bar for workplace diversity and inclusion and has been a consistent leader among corporate employers across the communities its workforce serves,” said Riley. “This award honors all 2000 graduates of the Riley Institute’s Diversity Leadership Initiative, where success is measured by one’s ability to lead effectively in an increasingly diverse environment.”

With 19 facilities across North America, Michelin is focused on building the workforce of today and tomorrow. Michelin attracts high-school and college students with hands-on learning experiences through its Youth Apprenticeship program , Technical Scholars program and other high-value internship and cooperative-education opportunities. Each and every day, Michelin recruits uniquely talented employees and gives them opportunities to learn, develop, contribute and find a true sense of purpose in their work. The result is a multifaceted workforce that drives Michelin’s ingenuity, vision and success.

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