By addressing biases, embracing differences and elevating potential, we will cultivate an equitable and inclusive environment where all employees are respected and believe this is a place where they can thrive and find a true sense of purpose in their work.
Michelin’s African American Network boasts 400 members and strives to improve Michelin’s performance by increasing representation, development, promotion and retention of African Americans and others with diverse backgrounds.
Its vision is to foster an environment where African Americans can leverage their unique skills and talents to reach their full potential while contributing to the success of Michelin. The Network also strives to create a platform for the voices and experiences of African Americans to be heard.
Last year, it hosted monthly conversations centered on various themes from different movies that delve into impactful DE&I topics with all employees.
The Network also launched the inaugural Story Art Contest to celebrate Black History Month. Local elementary school students used written and visual art to express a significant moment in Black History.