By attracting people who bring a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives and who reflect the communities where we live, work and serve, we will be more innovative and competitive in the marketplace.
Michelin’s Hispanic Network attracts new talent
Minority populations, especially those who speak English as a second language, may be hesitant to apply for jobs with large companies. In some instances, they may have been treated unfairly in the interview process or rejected based on ethnicity. To ensure these challenges did not hinder us, Michelin’s manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina collaborated with the Michelin Hispanic Network, a Business Resource Group (BRG) that promotes inclusive hiring initiatives. Together, they worked to translate training documents into Spanish, create digital advertising to reach potential Spanish-speaking applicants and use local job fairs and Hispanic non-profits to increase awareness of job openings. Michelin also promoted Patricia Vivas to a bilingual recruiter for hourly paid employees at Michelin Spartanburg. Job interviews now include an option for Spanish interpretation. The plant also offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses for pre-qualified Hispanic candidates who want to improve their English language proficiency. Since collaborating with the Hispanic Network, Michelin Spartanburg has increased its Hispanic employee representation by more than 100%. Michelin has also extended its Hispanic Network to include a chapter at the Spartanburg facility where local team members host bilingual meet-and-greets, welcome new employees and work with local non-profits on community events.
“Through the work we are doing with the Hispanic Network, we are helping people overcome cultural, linguistic and geographical barriers and contribute to building a diverse, culturally rich community inside and outside Michelin.”
—Patricia Vivas, Bilingual Recruiter, Michelin Spartanburg