Diversity Equity and Inclusion Feature

“I’ve been a part of the Asian-Pacific BRG for two years,”
Michelin North America has 11 Business Resource Groups representing different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and interests. We recently had an opportunity to speak with three employees who are active participants in Michelin BRGs to better understand how their involvement has impacted their employee experience. “I’ve been a part of the Asian-Pacific BRG for two years,” Omar Shafi said Omar Shafi, Chief of Staff, North American Services. “Being involved in a BRG is equal parts an educational opportunity and a learning experience. The Asian-Pacific BRG certainly has an opportunity to educate employees and Michelin about Asian-Pacific culture and unique challenges and opportunities for Asian-Pacific employees; however, I also have learned a tremendous amount through this experience. There is diversity even within our BRG. We each have different backgrounds and upbringings. Sharing experiences builds understanding and inclusivity.”
“I think we would all agree that being a part of a BRG creates a sense of belonging,”
said Kerri Stoltie, Innovation Progress Advisor. “Michelin is a large company and BRGscreate smaller pockets of community and connection that I’ve found really impactful. I am the communications lead for the Michelin Women’s Network but also participate in the African American Network (AAN) and ICARE BRGs. Participating in the AAN, for example, has opened my eyes to challenges experienced by my co-workers that I was unaware still happened. Hearing and learning from others’ experiences has changed my perspective. At times, it frustrates me, but it also motivates me to do my part to advance change.”
I have a leadership role with the New Hire Network
"I have a leadership role with the New Hire Network, but like Kerri, I’m part of several BRGs, which help me gain perspective from different lens, learn about new topics, understand key issues that are important to others, and empathize with my co-workers,” said Claudia Garcia, Global Digital Business Analyst at the North American Headquarter. “Michelin encourages employee participation in BRGs, which I think demonstrates the Company’s willingness to recognize and remove biases to create a more equitable and inclusive environment. There are a multitude of opportunities to get involved in BRGs, but it starts with a person’s willingness to act. I would encourage employees to join a BRG. It opens many avenues to learn, grow and connect.”

The benefits of BRGs

In addition to an excellent learning and engagement opportunity for employees, BRGs are also a strategic component to Michelin North America’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ambitions. They also drive business impact by further engaging the diverse backgrounds, experiences and abilities of our employees. They help solve existing challenges and opportunities across the company through a variety of initiatives, from representing Michelin during recruiting to providing mentoring to hosting conferences that promote inclusion.