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Diversity Equity and Inclusion Feature

Building a diverse workforce and creating an equitable and inclusive culture have been long-standing principles for Michelin North America, Inc. and are central to its vision to give people everywhere a better way forward.

Patricia joined Michelin in 2016 as a bilingual customer service account coordinator; today, she leads recruiting at one of Michelin’s largest manufacturing sites. “Michelin fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement and encourages employees to explore different career opportunities within the Company, even outside your area of expertise,” said

Patricia. “It’s a flexible, dynamic approach that has allowed me to develop my professional competencies and strengthen my leadership skills. Michelin invests in my success, supports my growth and values my contributions.”

Patricia extends her leadership and language skills to serve her community. She is president of the Asociación Hispano-Americana de Mujeres (AHAM), a women-led nonprofit committed to promoting and funding higher education in Hispanic communities.

Patricia is also an active member of Michelin’s Hispanic Network Business Resource Group, which is instrumental in promoting inclusive hiring initiatives and enriching Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Michelin. “Being a part of Michelin’s Hispanic Network gives me a sense of belonging and empowers me to support and promote the diversity that makes Michelin such a great place to work,” said Patricia. “Through my work with the Business Resource Group and AHAM, I help people overcome cultural, linguistic and geographical barriers and contribute to building a diverse, culturally rich community inside and outside Michelin.”

Each and every day, Michelin strives to create an environment where employees feel accepted, valued and respected. By building and retaining a workforce that reflects the world around it, Michelin creates a culture where new and different ideas flourish and innovation thrives.

Patricia V



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