International Michelin Graduate Program, manufacturing (m/f)

Offer published on 2023-02-15
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Clermont-Ferrand, France
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International Michelin Graduate Program, manufacturing (m/f)

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Put your career on fast track with The MICHELIN GRADUATE PROGRAM, MANUFACTURING.

You will follow a fast-track career path in the MICHELIN Group on an open-ended employment contract working both in and outside France and quickly reaching positions with an increasing scope of responsibility.

How it works: 3 years, 3 jobs, minimum 2 countries!

  • 3 years: follow a personalized fast-track career scheme.
  • 3 jobs: learn about different functions and gradually increase your scope of responsibility
  • minimum 2 countries: acquire a global management outlook, understand new cultures and develop your professional network.

The pathway:

  • Job no. 1: Continuous Improvement Production Engineer outside France with Green Belt certification (6 months).
  • Job no. 2: Production Manager of a team of around 40 in a plant in France (2.5 years).
  • Job no. 3: Industrial Manager in France or abroad based on your aspirations and proven performance (e.g. Manager of an Autonomous Production Unit with a headcount of over 150, Industrial Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Maintenance Manager etc.)

Coming from a full course at a prestigious engineering school (X, Centrale-Supélec, Mines Paris, Ponts et Chaussées etc .)?

Are you mobile?

Do you speak fluent French and English? proficiency in a third language would be a plus,

If the answer is yes, you might be interested in joining our highly selective, demanding, fast- track program. What are you waiting for?

To find out more about our Graduate Program, click on the link below:

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Michelin, committed to sustainable mobility

Our most recent awards:

  • Tire Manufacturer of the Year 2019
  • A score of 94/100 in the gender equality index
  • Number 1 in the Happy Trainees ranking with a recommendation rate among trainees and work-study students of 94.8%.

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Michelin entreprise engagée dans la mobilité durable et reconnue pour ses actions en faveur de l’expérience employé !

  • Une note de 99/100 à l’index de l’égalité femmes-hommes
  • 94,4% des stagiaires et alternants nous recommandent, label "Happy Trainees" depuis 8 années consécutives et toujours sur le podium
  • 80% de taux d’engagement de nos employés
  • 1ère place des entreprises dont les Français ont la meilleure image, baromètre Posternak / IFOP
  • 2ème entreprise la plus performante du CAC 40 et le premier industriel français au classement Challenges 2022
  • Michelin lauréat du Grand Prix de l’accélération digitale dans la catégorie « Industrie 4.0 »

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