Lead Data Scientist - Computer Vision

Offer published on 2023-04-11
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Pune, India
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Lead Data Scientist - Computer Vision

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  • End-to-end ownership & development deep learning based computer vision models.
  • Understand and follow IT & company processes for machine learning projects.
  • Understand the problem, analyze & develop approach to solve it
  • Collect, analyze, review, clean, organize & document image datasets efficiently / programmatically
  • Responsible for getting dataset annotated with help of annotators (internal/external)
  • Transform images using opencv library, develop scripts to process annotation data/files
  • Customize standard deep learning based computer vision models for object/keypoint detection/segmentation (using python & keras/tensorflow/pytorch)
  • Train models systematically with clear rationale behind approach used
  • Tune hyperparameters and loss functions
  • Track training experiments and evaluate & compare models objectively
  • Leverage other machine learning approaches like clustering, regression, classification to solve sub-problems
  • Review, refactor, optimize for speed/efficiency and check-in code frequently
  • Capture detailed documentation of data, models, application architecture, steps to execute code.
  • Manage datasets and deploy models & inferencing pipelines on Azure cloud for scaling in production
  • Communicate results/status updates to stakeholders once a week