Open positions: 30

The Main jobs in the field of production

With a strong heritage of industrial know-how, the Michelin Group has always paid particular attention to the production and development of women and men who, every day, allow the company to maintain its high level of quality.


Manages the activities of a team of production workers to ensure the progress of manufacturing operations according to specifications and production times.
Ensures compliance with volume objectives, costs and losses as well as predefined quality standards.


Manages, animates and advances its workshop to reach the objectives elaborated and fixed with the Site Manager.
Animates its multidisciplinary team to exploit all the means of production.
Pilot the risk analysis of his workshop.
Enforces and evolves prevention plans.


Directs and tracks all production activities within a given area to optimize the use of organizational resources while meeting volume and production cost specifications.


Manages and manages an area of ​​responsibility to achieve the objectives set and defined in terms of security, quantity, quality, cost and time, in the respect of people and customers.
Participate in the development of the Annual Plan.
Ensures the application of the Environment and Prevention rules within its area of ​​responsibility.

Open positions