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We Value Individuals

At Michelin, we recognize and celebrate every employee. Across our organization in the United States and Canada, we attract and develop top talent in an environment that encourages individual growth and treats all employees with respect. We believe that each individual brings a unique outlook to the team based, in part, by their own background, heritage and community. The result is a diverse, multifaceted workforce that drives the ingenuity, vision and success of our company.


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Inclusivity isn't just a word we use; it goes to the heart of how we operate. In order to be effective, our ideas need to be put into practice in an impactful way. This culture that we're continually improving on, ripples throughout the company, into the community, and onto the next generation. Michelin's emphasis on diversity and inclusion unlocks a more dynamic environment where new and different ideas can be shared to spark innovation and drive business results. This is the value of diversity.


Diversity and Inclusion at Michelin

We help you grow. You help michelin thrive.

Business Resource Groups (BRGs) at Michelin are all-inclusive groups created and led by employees who have shared life experiences across various diversity dimensions. Each group has an executive sponsor that works with the BRG leadership team to support business strategies and initiatives along with meeting the needs of members. The goal of each group is to help employees feel welcome and included, support employee engagement and encourage professional development. BRGs also provide cross-cultural support, career management resources and opportunities for community involvement. Which one are you ready to join?



African american network

Beyond acting as a career and leadership resource for our

African American employees, we also strive to improve the communities where Michelin employees live and work.



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Asian-pacific network

Offering professional development opportunities for the Asian Pacific community, we also raise cultural awareness across Michelin and help foster mentoring opportunities.


Hispanic network

Committed to promoting career development and leadership opportunities within Michelin's Hispanic community, we also support and participate in Hispanic related programs.

BRG - Hispanic


BRG - Faith & Belief

The Faiths & Beliefs group encourages understanding, respect and appreciation for all faiths and beliefs with the goal to enhance productivity, cooperation and compassion among employees.


LGBT & Allies network
In addition to promoting professional development, the LGBT & Allies network provides a forum for employees to share their stories, advocate for others, share perspectives, address issues, and network in a safe and supportive environment.


BRG - Womens Network
Women's network

Naturally, the Women's network partners with others BRGs for an inclusive representation of Michelin's female community. The group's special leadership events enable participants to network and share their professional experience, advice, and lessons learned over the course of their careers.


Veterans network
Michelin actively connects military Veterans with non-Veteran employees to share and leverage experience, knowledge and leadership collaboratively throughout our Michelin community.
BRG - Veterans


BRG - New Hire
New hire network
A new hire is a new hire, regardless of their age or background. the New Hire focuses on helping employees navigate their new position and help them succeed as they develop and grow in their careers at Michelin.


Road to financial health Network
With members of all ages and backgrounds, the Road to Retirement group helps highlight retirement planning and give employees the tools they need to plan for their future in retirement.
BRG - Road to Retirement


BRG - capAble
Capable network
Our goal is to enhance the well-being and productivity of all employees by promoting an environment that fosters inclusion and support of Michelin employees and their families with differing abilities and special needs. Our efforts concentrate on: recruitment and retention; enabling professional development; and, community engagement.



31,500 days

dedicated each year to volunteering by North American employees

117 nationalities



Developing future leaders and supporting each employee

We build leadership teams with a broader range of voices, views and experiences while encouraging open dialogue between employees and managers.

At the same time, we emphasize educational partnerships and  community development initiatives designed to improve the quality of life where our employees work and live.

By promoting an atmosphere where employees feel valued, empowered and engaged in the role they play, we provide them with the opportunity to learn, develop, contribute and find sense of purpose in their work.


These may interest you:

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we care

Michelin is committed to living in harmony with local communities throughout North America to create a better way forward through increased mobility and sustainability.

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our values

To develop a better and sustainable mobility for all of us, by sharing the Group's values of respect, performance and responsibility.


News - Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

At Michelin we are committed and actively engaged in building a diverse and inclusive culture for our workforce. We provide our employees with opportunities to learn, develop, contribute and find a true sense of purpose in their work.

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